"What a great preacher! He shares from the heart as well as great content in every sermon. One of his great features is that you never have to be afraid of him behind the pulpit.  He is humble and very supportive of your ministry."
 -Pastor Kyle Fisher 

"He was a great help to me and my ministry"

-Dr. Jerry Falwell

'He’s always a blessing"

-Pastor Bob Dunn

"He will be a great blessing and encouragement all who hear him."

-Gospel Singer Dave Boyer

"We’re having him back in January"

-Pastor Steve Warner

"He preached so good, it almost made me look bad"

-Pastor John Arnold


"Can’t wait to have him back"

-Pastor Rob Jones

"Charlie is unique in his field.  He has toured as an evangelist, bringing many souls to Christ. He comes for a Free-Will offering and leaves behind a powerful impact, one that your people will remember for a long time. "

-Pastor Loren Paul Decker

"What an invitation he gives"

-Pastor Paul Auckland

"Preached a great series on “The Church on Fire”

-Pastor Mark Melhorn

"Boy hood friends, Great Preacher"

-Dr. Ed Dobson



"Every time he comes to our church, people get saved"

-Pastor Sam Mascioli

"Very versatile. Preaches to the needs of the church"

-Pastor Bob Stahler

"I have known Charlie for over 30 years.  His heart is to see people saved and believers walk by faith."

-Pastor Bill Howe